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People First Update: How to Contact the first two Centers of Excellence

First two Centers of Excellence role assignments, relocation and contact information.

KU Begins Implementing People First Transformation

The People First HR Transformation initiative has progressed from the strategic planning stage to the implementation stage, including the launch of two Centers of Excellence and a name change from “Human Resource Management” to, simply, “Human Resources.”

People First Update to Faculty and Staff

An update on the progress of the People First Initiative sent to faculty and staff from Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer on October 11, 2023.

KU Launches “People First” Initiative to Transform Human Resources

"KU People First" initiative will create a best-in-class HR organization that serves and supports all KU employees.

Steps to Transform HRM and be a Best-in-Class Employer

KU announces changes in our human resources (HR) structure that will advance our efforts to be an exceptional learning community.